Welcome to Yoga Rhythm..

We would like to welcome you to Yoga Rhythm, a fresh, unique & inspiring approach to yoga. Suitable for all ages & abilities whilst relaxing & clearing the mind. 

Learn yoga routines choreographed to music synchronised with the breath. Every routine has a different focus, some strong, dynamic & energizing whilst others are more restorative, relaxing & opening.

No matter what your age, size or level of ability Yoga Rhythm is for ‘real people with real bodies’.

We offer the following classes : 
Yoga Rhythm Foundation Series
Natal Yoga Rhythm - including Fertility, Pregnancy, Post Pregnancy & Caesarian Rehabilitation
Yoga Therapy

Why wait until tomorrow to do what you can do today!

We want you to feel inspired when you attend a class, workshop, event, retreat or even practicing at home with your very own Yoga Rhythm DVD.

Charli x

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Fertility Yoga Rhythm

Forthcoming Workshop -
April 1-5pm @ Newlife Clinic, Epsom

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Pregnancy Yoga Rhythm 

Forthcoming Workshop
May 1-5pm @ Newlife Clinic, Epsom

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